The next Era of Web monetization with Decentralized Blockchains, Merged Mining, Smart contracts, Interoperability and Masternodes.

Optimize The Way You Monetize

We deliver an additional or alternate form of monetization. Since it’s nonintrusive, it doesn’t degrade the user experience. In fact, it enhances it, because your users can now be rewarded just for browsing your website. Get in on the new way to optimize the way you monetize your website now.

The Gath3r hybrid blockchain supports GTH-producing nodes, as well as a turn- key solution enabling anyone to easily start developing on Gath3r, with the in-built functionality of smart-contracts. The more child chains, the more interoperability. This allows the creation of new applications or platforms easily. These features, along with the unique Merged Mining ability, contribute to increased profitability, chain security and decentralization.

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Improves The User Experience

Since digital display advertising can be intrusive, it can downgrade the user experience. The added monetization empowers the website or application owner to display fewer ads or to go ad free.

Delivers a New Source Of Revenue

Today's website and application owners face declining ad revenues due to competition. They also face discriminatory payouts. Gath3r offers them a new, significant, and long-term solution, including multiple benefits for their users.

Gath3r Blockchain

Gath3r’s blockchain is a hybrid blockchain, allowing for the earning of interest through staking from masternodes by GTH coin holders.

What Makes Gath3r Different

Our payout system allows website and application owners to be paid in Bitcoin, GTH coins or, where permissible, through bank transfer. Also, The Gath3r platform provides the only web-miner with a Merged Mining feature, allowing for the concurrent mining of multiple coins based on the same algorithm, which increases profitability for website/application owners.

Gath3r Foundation

Part of our capital will be allocated to the Gath3r Foundation - Their purpose is to help increase adoption of the GTH chain by awarding grants ( both in GTH and FIAT ) to promising projects/developers who would then build on the GTH chain. Additionally, their secondary objective is to act as custodian and deploy funds if/when needed to benefit the ecosystem.

Gath3r as a holding company has no control over the foundation, the foundation board would be made up of a majority of external stakeholders and a minority of Gath3r founders/advisors.

Builds User Loyalty

Gath3r does more than improve the user experience. It allows the user to earn payments based on the mining payments earned by the website. So they become especially loyal and spend more time on the site or app. Loyalty coins earned by website viewers can automatically be transferred into a web-based staking wallet. This also applies to websites as well, their coins can be staked with ease.


The users must opt-in to participate, and they are made aware of the system as they enter a website.


The platform offers open integration capabilities,which allows for the creation of new chains. New chains inherit the functionality of both Merged Mining and Smart contracts. The More Child chains, the more interoperability. The more publishers, the more decentralization via merged Mining

Our Mission

Gath3r is much more than just a web miner. Our ecosystem includes unique features like Merged Mining, smart-contracts and easy integration capabilities for developers/entreprises, all based on a state of the art hybrid blockchain. We intend to deliver our solutions to users worldwide, so they can be beneficial to anyone and everyone. Gath3r centralizes profit without breaching privacy.

Our Approach

We let your users enjoy an ad-free experience when mining Gath3r. Browser mining has never been safer. Our uniqueness is lies in transparency and increased profitability, as well as an expanded platform running on our very own blockchain.