Our technology is harnessing the power of blockchain to help turn your traffic into revenue

How Does It Work?

Website and application owners can host our code on their respective platform(s) to earn via our Web Miner.

Transparency is ensured by an opt-in, through which every user is made aware of the system and its usage. They can accept to continue, as the user experience is completely unaffected.

Proof Of Work lite blockchain, which serves as the base of the web mining system.

The Paywall Program allows webmasters to collect payments in lieu of website mining, while the Loyalty Program encourages and rewards users who browse longer.

Merged Mining - The first and only web-miner to allow the simultaneous mining of different coins based on similar algorithms. This advanced feature translates into increased profitability for the users, and chain security and decentralization for developers.

Gath3r offers a Turn-Key solution for developers worldwide to effortlessly integrate with, creating new ecosystems based on it and expanding it across many other applications, platforms and coins.

Full Nodes - Gath3r runs on a hybrid blockchain, which means that owners of the GTH coin can earn monthly commissions by setting up masternodes. This, in turn, contributes to the security and stability of the ecosystem. The full node supports the Lite node.

Economics: The chain itself starts as an unlimited supply blockchain that then transitions into a limited supply blockchain based on the below trigger factors: Sustained Volume over time, Hash Rate over sustained over time, Number of Top end participants ( publishers ), Number of active Forks of a predefined chain size, Once the Chain moves to Limited supply with the initiation of trigger events, only 1,314,000 new blocks will be made, which is approximately 60,000,000 coins which takes about 5 years to mine.

Smart Contracts & Interoperability - Every child chain created from Gath3r, inherits in-built smart contract functionality, the more child chains that exist the more interoperability that is created.

Compute Power As a Service (CPaaS): A unique solution offered by our platform to take advantage of the computing power gained from publishers and applications to the benefit of businesses by reducing the costs of processing data both on-premise and in the Cloud. The solution in question, Compute Power as a Service (CPaaS), is an alternate mechanism/source of compute power obtained at a significantly lower cost and higher flexibility in use, coming from Gath3r’s network of publishers. This will essentially lower operational costs incurred by enterprises from processing said data.

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Ecosystem Overview