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What is crypto mining with a web browser?

It’s a new way to monetize websites that can be an addition to or replace monetizing a site with display advertising. It enables websites to earn from users who simply browse a site with our code embedded in it to mine cryptocurrencies with their unused computing power, called a CPU or GPU, which stands for computer processing unit and graphics processing unit.

Is Web mining new?

It’s actually both – relatively new but already well-established. Currently, many thousands of websites are using the technology successfully. In fact, some major websites use the technology to monetize their websites, including Unicef and Click here for more on that.

Will users of my website know they’re mining?

Yes, we insist on total transparency. All users who wish to mine must opt-in to do so. If they don’t opt-in, they won’t mine.

Why choose Gath3r over other competitors?

There are ten other competitors that enable mining with a website browser. Eight are small and don’t have the capacity to handle major traffic or scale. The two other competitors are CoinHive and JSECoin. Gath3r’s offering has significant advantages over both.

Advantages over Coinhive?

  • Greater transparency
  • Totally trustworthy, while Coinhive has allowed its code to be hacked multiple times
  • Our fees are significantly lower – and decrease for high-traffic websites
  • Conhive can only mine Monero

Advantages over JSECoin?

  • Mining of multiple cryptocurrencies. JSECoin only enables mining of its own token
  • We offer a way to exchange our coin for other crypto or fiat currencies. Currently nobody else does.
  • More predictable payouts, because we do not use a lottery-based system. JSECoin does.

What types of payouts are supported?

Our main payment method is our native Gath3r coin (GTH), along with Bitcoin, for now. Where allowed, payment can also be in USD or local currency.

What is merged mining and how does it work?

Merged mining is the process of allowing two different cryptocurrencies based on the same algorithm to be mined concurrently. This allows low hash powered crypto currencies to increase their hashing power by bootstrapping onto more popular crypto currencies, as well as increasing chain security for both networks.

What Is your coin used for?

The GTH coin is used for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • Payment for Smart contracts
  • Payment for Merged Mining
  • Payouts for Loyalty Program
  • Payments for Pay-Wall Program
  • Staking
  • Masternodes

Is it easy to implement Gath3r on my website?

Yes, very easy. When you elect to use Gath3r to monetize a website, all you do is insert a bit of code on one or more pages of the website. We provide complete instructions for implementation, the cryptocurrency pools we use, fees and payouts. So we’ve made the entire process easy.For detailed step-by-step implementation instructions please click here

Can you explain mining for cryptocurrency?

Sure. To understand how it works, it’s best to understand a little about crypto currencies. They’re more secure than banks, where the data is stored in a single repository, because the data is stored in separate blocks. In addition, each block can only be enabled with a complex algorithm, called a hash. Discovering the algorithm is called mining.

When a user submits the correct hash, the block is enabled and secure transactions can happen within it. As a result, the user enlarges the cryptocurrency and facilitates transactions. As a reward for enabling the block, the developer of the cryptocurrency pays the website owner.

Due to the success of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, the usual mining can only be performed by large companies with enormous data centers that consume an extraordinary amount of power. So only the biggest companies can participate. Mining with a web browser offers an alternative to the problem. It turns the thinking on its head, in that instead of using one, big, centralized source of hashing power, it uses large volumes of small ones, spreading the power over numerous points.

The power of all the computers used by the people who visit the site and have opted in is combined to mine the currency. When a user submits the algorithm that unlocks a new block in Gath3r, we pay the website owner, who can elect to share the payment with users of the website or offer them special rewards, such as discounts on products or services. By doing so, the website owner increases user time on the website and builds customer loyalty.

Since the website owner has a source of revenue other than display ads, the owner can show fewer ads or eliminate them entirely. So the website owner can also improve the experience of the visitors.

Who are the people behind Gath3r?

We’re a team of state-of-the-art innovators in cryptocurrency and other technologies. To learn about our team, visit the About section of our website by clicking here

Is mining cryptocurrency with a browser legal?

Yes, legally it’s no different than major companies mining Bitcoin and other leading cryptocurrencies with a huge data center. Gath3r technology simply pools the surplus computing power of the website visitors to mine while they’re browsing the website.

Will it harm my system?

No, our technology is designed with internal stress limits based on what device you are using. So we will never use more than you device can handle.

How do I implement Gath3r into my website or application?

Coded Websites:

– Generate the code from your Gath3r account dashboard at

– Copy paste the generated code into the website source code on each page you want it on, between <body> </body>.

WordPress Websites:

– Generate the code from your Gath3r account dashboard at

– Navigate to ‘Editor’ in your WordPress admin panel.

– In ‘Editor’, open ‘Theme Footer’ and copy/pate the generated code before </body>.

– Click ‘Update File’.

– Make sure to check out our video for a step-by-step walk-through of the process.

The Gath3r team is here to help, so if you need any further assistance or information please do not hesitate to contact us. Best place to do so, would be out Telegram channel. You can join here.