Welcome to the Gath3r Ambassador Program!

Gath3r’s Ambassador Program is composed of three main areas that we wish to address. Community outreach (Sapphire Program), publisher outreach (Onyx Program) and auxiliary chains outreach (Ruby Program).

As a Sapphire Ambassador your main responsibilities will be to engage and garner attention for your area of outreach, as well as help build awareness about Gath3r.

The Onyx Ambassador will need to reach out to publishers and website/app owners and present the platform as an alternate form of monetization for websites and applications.

The Ruby Ambassador will be tasked with introducing Gath3r's blockchain security solutions to both existing and potential new blockchains. More details about each individual program can be found in the form descriptions after you click on the want you wish to apply to. You can also reach out to us in our Telegram group or email Hello@Gath3r.io for any additional questions you might have.

You will be provided with relevant marketing materials, training and other resources as justified and required. After filling out the relevant form, you can expect that a member of the team will reach out to you. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

As such, please fill in whichever form you believe best suits your skills and experience from the options below:

Sapphire Onyx Ruby

We look forward to working with our new ambassadors.